Calories in Whiskey

Whiskey in General

Whiskey is a special type of distilled beverage. The drink is made from a mash of grain. Normally the beverage is aged in wooden casks, which normally are made from white oak. There are many different sorts of whiskey. Be sure to check out the post about American Whiskey here.


Calories in Whiskey

Calories in Whiskey

A glass of whiskey

Whiskey is on of the alcoholic beverages with the lowest calorie counts. Even though the calorie count in whiskey is fairly low it is of course always important to moderate your intake. Depending on the proof and thereby also the amount of alcohol in grams, in the whiskey, the calorie count either ascends or descends.

One of the advantages of Whiskey is that there are no carbohydrates in the beverage. Naturally the amount of calories in whiskey varies from bottle to bottle but all in all there is a general trend.

Below you see a listing showing the amount of calories in whiskey:

80 Proof Whiskey (1.5 oz) – 14g alcohol – 98 calories – 0 carbs

86 Proof Whiskey (1.5 oz) – 15.1g alcohol – 106 calories – 0 carbs

90 Proof Whiskey (1.5 oz) – 15.8g alcohol – 111 calories – 0 carbs

94 Proof Whiskey (1.5 oz) – 16.5g alcohol – 116 calories – 0 carbs

100 Proof Whiskey (1.5 oz) – 17.5g alchol – 123 calories – 0 carbs


1 bottle (750 mL) 80 proof – 220g alcohol – 1518 calories – 0 carbs

1 bottle (500 mL) 80 proof – 157g alcohol


What does Proof mean?

Proof tells how big a percentage of the Whiskey is alcohol. The Proof is always double the amount of alcohol meaning that an 80 Proof Whiskey would have 40% alcohol.



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